Certificate of Authenticity

There are thousands and thousands of websites on the Internet defrauding the public every day.

That's a Serious Problem

It's easy to create a fake name, start a bogus website, collect all kinds of information including names, addresses, telephone and cell phone numbers, names of employers, addresses of employers, social security numbers, credit card numbers, security codes and expiration dates, web and e-mail addresses and passwords.

It's easy to do all of this while looking respectable and authentic. It can be even easier to use this information very anonymously and profitably. For this reason alone, Internet fraud and identity theft has increased exponentially over the last five years.

You need to protect your business, your customers and your income. You need us!

An Economical Solution

Legitimate businesspeople are using the services of a web authenticity certification service like Authenticity Verified. This economical service pays for itself many times over every month.

We will thoroughly check out your application before we accept you as a client. If and when we accept you as a client, we issue a Certificate of Authenticity for your website that can be verified by any member of the public. We add your company to our public registry.

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Your Certificate of Authenticity

Your Certificate of Authenticity guarantees the public that:

    1. You are legitimate -- you are who and what you say you are
    2. Your business is legitimate -- it is what you say it is
    3. Your business is legitimate -- it does what you say it does
    4. Your advertising is authentic -- what you say is verified to be true
    5. Your claims are authentic -- what you claim is verified to be true
    6. Your money handling procedures are safe and secure
    7. You keep client information strictly confidential

Our Fees


Our Certificate of Authenticity guarantees you are whom you claim to be and your business does what you say it does honestly and tastefully. We also guarantee you are truthful in the claims you make about yourself and your business. We further guarantee you keep all client information confidential and provide a secure and confidential gateway for all financial transactions over the Internet.

We take these guarantees very seriously. So should you. Your customers will!

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