Confidentiality and Safety

Authenticity Verified Certification guarantees it is safe for the public to use your secure and confidential credit card gateway for their financial transactions with you. Authenticity Verified further guarantees you will keep all information you learn about your clients confidential.

We take this guarantee very seriously and check almost daily to verify you are doing exactly what we guarantee you are doing. The quickest way to have your website certification revoked is to violate this public trust.

We can work together to clean up any errors in your advertising; but if you ever violate this Authenticity Verified Certification confidentiality requirement and the public trust, we will immediately revoke your certification without any remorse whatsoever.

You get the point. Consumer fraud is a terrible thing. Identity theft is devastating emotionally and financially.

You and Authenticity Verified agree this will never happen because of your website. You will use a secure and confidential credit card gateway and you will keep all client information confidential.

Authenticity Verified guarantees that you will. We take that guarantee seriously and we expect you to take your obligation just as seriously.

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