We're all about telling the unvarnished truth and helping other people be open and honest about themselves and their business.

If that's you, then we'll check your site and verify:

  • You are who you say you are
  • You are a legitimate person
  • Your business does what you say it does
  • Your advertising is professional, legal, ethical and true
  • You run a legitimate business
  • The things you say about your business are true and factual
  • The claims you make are professional, legal, ethical, true and provable

The public is searching for verifiable truth on the Internet. We assure them that what you say is verifiable truth. We take that verification very, very seriously.

Be Aware and Beware

Many marketing companies advertise bald-faced lies every day. They lie because the truth would bankrupt them ... and their lies are extremely profitable.

Lies are unethical, unprofessional. sometimes illegal and always very profitable.

Let the Buyer Be Aware and Beware is the unspoken motto for a multitude of companies doing business on the Internet. Their products are inferior and their customer service is a maze of Internet connections that seldom lead to any resolution. The purpose appears to be to lead people around the circle time after time until they give up.

Customer service that treats people like gerbils on a treadmill is easy to implement and very inexpensive. If this describes your business, please leave our website -- NOW! We don't want you and we don't want anything to do with you.

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